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  1. Video Channel

    really liked your East Grand and 1-70
  2. Rob Sol aka Muied Lumens

    that is so familiar - as we got older, sitting in an old car in the rain with the windscreen wipers on and the radio between stations, the rhythm of the radio noise modulated by the wiper movements
  3. What Was Your First Electronic Instrument?

    the first electronic instrument I used was made by a friend - it was a simple circuit stuck on a piece of wood and you played it by pressing strips of tin to make contacts. Adelaide Australia, maybe 1972. We were still in school Why you chose it - we were doing exploratory music and my friend liked making electronics How much you paid for it. nothing What did with it. It sounded just like the sort of circuit breaking thing people do now. We would use it when playing drums and guitars and make those circuit breaking sounds with detuned guitars etc. If you still have or why you got rid of it. Long long gone - maybe. I think we got rid of that stuff as we conventionalised our music under the pressure of the progressive music thing and trying to sound like "proper" (ie foreign) musicians.
  4. Ableton Live

    how is the switch going? I currently use Reaper and have for ages but it can get annoying because of the awful aesthetics eg if you don't like your Theme just go to the stash and get another theme you won't like but it does have a lot of power as well. I have looked at Live a tiny bit but wondered how it would go as primarily an audio editing DAW ?
  5. perform

    perform - greg hooper