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  1. It was the Animoog. I started out wanting a tablet to replace an ordenary sketchbook. This was when I still was a painter. Now, I have long before that loved electronic music ala Klaus Schultze, and found out that there actually were synthesizer apps to by aswell. So I thought, what the heck, I'll buy one so I can play with sounds. Then I bought, fully on random, Animoog. That changed my life. I soon needed something to record it on, and got Meteor IOS DAW. THat wasnt quit enough, and I got a jack to jack cable to plug it into the in on my laptop, to record into Audacity. Read up, saw videos, and after a long research bought Studio One. Loved it, startet buying more softsynths, and before short I had my first 50 minutes piece. Well, thats the story of my first electronic instrument. Today I mostly play with my new modular, but still love softsynths I chuck in the link for the forementioned piece This first piece after a while turned into a triptych. You will of course find some Animoog in here aswell
  2. Geir

    Audio to cv.

    Hmm, and just now I saw a vid postet on synthtopia, that my maths also can work as an envelope follower. Damn that module is deep. Seriously, I see that I have barely scratched its surface.
  3. Geir

    Audio to cv.

    Pitch and accurate tracking isn't that important. I want the unexpected results. Its like when I let my MS-20 trigger itself with its own sound through its external input. I never know exactly what it will do. And that is what makes it into a musician to improvise with in it self. Not sure how to expain this really. But suffice to say, accuracy is not important for this request. The important issue is what devices is there.
  4. Geir

    Audio to cv.

    All these are audio to midi. Which means I will need another convertor, midi to cv. My hope is to find something that has multiple cv outputs (and prefferably with atenuator on), so that the adio can trigger several parameters on the modular. THat way it can live its own life, besides the constrictions I put on other parameters. I have the Morphosis, and have used it with good success on the ipad. Using my laptop as you say, Jack, but just for the sake of the search, I will leave that option out for now. Ensured that the laptop _will_ be a part of a full setup in time. Binary and voltage/herz side by side, makes us gods
  5. Geir

    Audio to cv.

    Hello folks, I'll let this be my first post in here. I have been working with electronic music some years now. Of late i've been wanting analog sound to trigger and control my modular. I have been playing the jawsharp for many years, and want to use this. I have also just met a guy that does this, but with obo, ms-20 and some other synth I dont remember the name of, but not modular. So I wonder if any of you in here can give me some tips about modules that can convert audio signal to cv. Or external boxes that can do this. Or can simply an amplified audio signal be used as a cv signal?