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  1. remst8

    Within EP

    Within is a small collection of ambient/drone/experimental tracks assembled in remst8's spare moments.
  2. remst8


    Accumulator is remst8's first full-length studio release, which is a collection of ambient/drone/experimental tracks created from 2014 to 2016. All songs were fully tracked and mixed in Renoise, using only the built-in DSPs for effects and parameter automation. Mastered by Charles Shriner at MCSD Studio.
  3. Hello, all. My name is Michael Carlson, and my musical moniker is “remst8”. I don’t necessarily limit myself to any particular genre, but most of my work in recent years has been drone/ambient/experimental music. I've been playing with various tracker programs since 1991. I started with NoiseTracker/ProTracker on a friend's Amiga 500 and eventually bought my own A500, later finding my way to OctaMED. Making the jump to PC, I used ScreamTracker for a bit, then used Impulse Tracker for quite awhile. A couple years later I began using ModPlug Tracker, and was pretty heavy
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