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  1. Crystal Peaks (Single)

    EugeneKha & West Remi (INKHE Project) – Crystal Peaks (Free Digital Single 2017) Note: "Crystal Peaks", the first promo single from their third joint album , who is currently in the process of creating. The album is scheduled for late 2017 — early 2018. ‘Crystal Peaks’ - A new journey into the mysterious world of the planet INKHE. INKHE Project is the result of cooperation between the Russian (EugeneKha) and Ukrainian (West Remi) music projects. In 2015, they have teamed up to create a series of concept albums in the genres of space and sci-Fi electronics. The music of Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha) And Ivan Nischun (West Remi) — a string of interconnected science-fiction stories about the conquest of the fictional planet INKHE (in the name of the planet and project encrypted the real names of the musicians).
  2. Way To M31

    "Way to M31" is the story of a complicated experimental travel 2.5 million light years in the direction of the galaxy M31.
  3. ALONE Live

    Down On The River ('Music To Dreams-4' Live 2017-06-17)
  4. Day Of Endless Rain

    Day Of Endless Rain
  5. West Remi

    Sleeping Beauty Galaxy
  6. Gravity

    GRAVITY: Promo Teaser For Album #1
  7. Wall Of Ambient Sound 2016

    Wall Of Ambient Sound 2016 (Mixed By EugeneKha)
  8. Crossings

    EugeneKha & Microbit Project - Crossings
  9. I.N.Kh.E.-II: Solstice

    I.N.Kh.E.-II: Solstice
  10. 45 Echoes Sounds: 5/50

    45 Echoes Sounds: 5/50
  11. Earth Gravitation

    Earth Gravitation: Green Travel Fest Studio Live Act 2016, 24 September