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  1. Where Do You Find Electronic Music?

    I selected "other" because originally I only ever stumbled onto electronic music. I heard "Popcorn," "Autobahn" and "Arabesque" (Tomita) on the radio but nothing else. None of my friends listened to EM. These days I continually experiment with different search phrases on Google. Most search results turn up copy-cat music but sometimes I find a nugget of gold in the tsunami of sound-alikes.
  2. Musically, I'm influenced by practically every kind of western music from baroque through grunge and I've loved Ravi Shankar from the first raga I ever heard. Sonically, I'm highly influenced by shortwave radio sounds and electronic instruments from the 1950s on, as well as sounds from early sci-fi movies. I was a rock singer/songwriter/guitarist from about 15 to 55 but I was also the only person I knew who loved synth music. In 1983 I bought a Casio MT-65 and a 4-track recorder to augment my guitar based demos. Instead, I accidentally made AEJOTZ music. Everyone I knew hated my AEJOTZ music so I stopped making it. In the early 21st Century I retired my guitar. The more synth-heavy Stereolab albums kept reminding me of my AEJOTZ music and made me miss it terribly. So, in 2011 I bought a couple of used synths and a digital 8-track recorder to see if I still had the knack for layering simple riffs into interesting compositions. I still had the knack plus decades more musical and sonic experience and much better instruments. I've made about 150 AEJOTZ tunes since re-starting. I'd love to no longer care what other people think of my music, but I do care. Fortunately, I now have fans all over the world. (There's only about ten of them but that's ten more than in 1983!) "AEJOTZ," my screen name, is a terrible artist name. So I'm experimenting with new artist names. I now release my main style music as "BOING," my kind-of orchestral sounding stuff as "classitron" and my goofiest experiments as "NeRdRoiD." My real name is Howard Wesley Tate and I presently live in northwest Indiana with two cats and a wife. I've used a dozen different synths but have distilled my rig down to my favorite toy-like instruments: original Microkorg, Casio CZ-101, Microbrute/Werkstatt and Microsampler. These might not be the best sounding or most feature-rich instruments I've used, but they're ones I have the most fun with.
  3. and now for something...

    and now for something completely different...
  4. Premiere album released under the artist name BOING!, representing the core style of synth musician Howard AEJOTZ Tate. The music is bouncy, playful, lighthearted and fun; all instrumental and all hand-played on keyboard synths with occasional quantizing and on-board sequencing. No DAW was used on this album. View full album
  5. Topic: Casio CZ-101 Phase Modulation Synthesizer

    I love my CZ-101. My other synths, including a half dozen I no longer own, sound too familiar to me sometimes. When that happens I turn to the "Cosmo" to make some bizarre, unworldly snork or bleem. Nothing boings like a CZ.
  6. MicroBrute

    I slaved a moog Werkstatt to my Microbrute, creating a 2-oscillator, 2-filter beast. The 'brute was already super useful, especially the step sequencer.