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  1. Almark


    A smooth flowing set of composed music, delicate and emotional. Composed using both electronic, violin and experimental techniques.
  2. Influenced by past elements such as dub, ambient and chill-like tones, experimental and avant-garde. This album goes down another tunnel of musical territory. It is the continuation of Thought Patterns in 'Documentary' Form, an album released in 2013. Music written by Almark Production, mixing and Mastering by Almark at Studio SynthoElectro © 2016 SynthoElectro Records Registered under BMI Broadcast Music, Inc.
  3. Almark

    -ATD- Almark

    -ATD- is a pure Electronic album that recaptures the vibes of the past, while keeping the modern element intact. While this album is not a retro album there are indeed feelings of it. In 2012 I had the urge to create music from a digital source to analog and back again, this idea formed -ATD- (Analog to Digital) but since this method I was using didn't work for me, I instead created the album in DAW. I wanted to re-create an element that had been lost through the years. This is such an album, but from my perspective. I wanted to capture the retro feelings I felt as a child in 1983. This album is much like when people were experimenting in clubs and so forth in Germany, UK and abroad. Much of the influence comes from growing up hearing PBS, BBC, and other television programs and movies. Where you would hear snippets of moog-like sounds between commercials when things were analog, pure and tangible sounding. These songs are written about a time long past, the post-punk, Pre - new wave, Experimental and avant-garde, but only by influence. I hope you enjoy this work and that it takes you to not only a retro frame of mind, but a time subconsciously to places unknown.
  4. The latest video, from the new album 'The Scheme of Things" 


  5. Listen to another side of this film like you've never heard before. The story unfolds into its charismatic demeanor coated with anticipation of awaiting the next reaction. Reaching into to the 'weird' beautiful, and 'rhythm driven'. Using only sampling and raw imagination from the film itself; thus creating an abstract existence that pulls one to listen further. This set touches on avant garde in its purest form, with experimental melodies and timings.
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