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  1. (Warning - contains flashing images) Finally made a reasonable video for my 'Half Live on the Bed' thing of July 2016, based on a Mixcraft 7 performance panel test from December 2015 (which makes up the 2nd half, the 1st half is me improvising on the YRG, playing the original at different improvised pitches). I only got it done on Thursday when I stumbled across an offer for Sony Vegas Movie Suite which is the first thing I've come across that enables more than one video line to be edited at a time I was able to edit the video in a couple of hours. Unfortunately it took 5 and a half hours to render it into a file and 13 hours to upload it to Youtube :omg:. Anyway, enjoy. 1f60e.png 



    • The next revolution in Synthesis - Delayed implementation of effects (as occurs in vibrato effects) and it's extension into a manifestation of attack and release functions on every synthesis process. ... Design the virtual synths and I will test them :D


    • The next revolution in Synthesis - Delayed implementation of effects (as occurs in vibrato effects) and it's extension into a manifestation of attack and release functions on every synthesis process. ... Design the virtual synths and I will test them :D
  2. Little Video I made for a track I made on the 22/23 April 2017 using 15 instances Krakli Plugins 'K1Ks', which was a bit buggy and problematic, though that could be down to the preset bank which was made for it that I used, but it's free and experimental like all their plugins. Enjoy. 


    1. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      Alternatively here's the youtube link 


  3. During the last week I've had enough of unreliable software clocking and been trying to get to grips with controlling the Microkorg and Microkorg XL from the Beatstep Pro's dual monophonic sequencers with a CV output from the Beatstep Pro used to control the clock of the Keystep polyphonic sequencer controlling a single sound on the Korg Microstation. The keystep is a slightly more blind sequencing process and has no control mode for altering parameters of sound as it plays, but it is interesting and a lot less stressful than dealing with software.

    Beatstep, Keystep, etc 2a.mp3 

    Beatstep, Keystep, etc 1c2X Guitar Added#.mp3

  4. Research has been ongoing (for most of the last decade, from what I can make out) about the sounds of Stonehenge with replicas being built etc to test the acoustics and original style instruments being used for the tests. They have been finding tones (referred to by Thomas Hardy in his novel Tess of the D'Urbavilles in 1891). Anway, I've emailed Mr Till to ask about the availability of Impulse Response file recordings for use in Convolution Reverbs. 


    1. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      He replied : 

      I do have some impulse responses, and indeed I will eventually make them available to the public, although until I have finished carrying out research using them, I am keeping them private. If there is a specific use you want them for, please let me know what the project is, and what you background is, I am treating applications to get copies of them on a case by case basis at the moment. 


      (I replied)



      Thanks for your response. I have no specific purpose in mind for the IRs and it's good to know that you've been collecting some along the path of your research. I mostly just test software (with no specific background) and have been writing music for 35 years, but as I say, I did not have any specific use for them. I just thought people would be interested in them baring in mind the long held popular sub-cultural interest in Stonehenge and that it might clarify things for those who wish to focus on such things. I'll await any public release with interest anyway. Thanks for your time and good luck. :)

      Ian Craig

  5. Great programme from 1979 in 4 parts 


    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Thanks, I love this doc. The EMS bits are amazing. I have added this to the Film Section.


    2. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      Yeah, that's what I thought too :) (Y)

    3. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      I didn't notice the film section specifically before, I'll remember next time :)

  6. Perception - you see, but how much ?

    Visually, glasses impede vision. Do not be fooled by the very expensive illusion of vari-focal glasses, they are crap, they restrict vision to a paranoid memory, so they are as useful as visual impairment is. ...
    Anyway, how much detail do you notice in anything. Obviously it depends how far away from it you are, relative to the detail of it. (Sound perception is limited in the same way). So therefore, perception of anything is limited to impressions formed from the activity of the senses. In music, there are only a certain number of things which can be perceived at once and most music therefore restricts itself to cohesive layering to help form a stronger impression than something, which whilst potentially brilliant in it's detail, the details fail to be perceived by the listener.
    Anyway, perceptions. Dwell
    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      plural noun: juxtapositions
      1. the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.
        "the juxtaposition of these two images"
  7. Ever updating Bandcamp album of mostly test files based on whatever processes I'm testing or whatever Multi-preset/multi-effect sounds I'm creating :)

    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      This is a very interesting idea. Sort of like sketching in the studio. Brings home-recording down to the micro-level. 


    2. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      Yes, I'm actually acquiring and building my own very specific, very wide ranging palette, without having to commit myself to making any statement other than, this is what I'm doing ;)