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  1. Research has been ongoing (for most of the last decade, from what I can make out) about the sounds of Stonehenge with replicas being built etc to test the acoustics and original style instruments being used for the tests. They have been finding tones (referred to by Thomas Hardy in his novel Tess of the D'Urbavilles in 1891). Anway, I've emailed Mr Till to ask about the availability of Impulse Response file recordings for use in Convolution Reverbs. 


    1. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      He replied : 

      I do have some impulse responses, and indeed I will eventually make them available to the public, although until I have finished carrying out research using them, I am keeping them private. If there is a specific use you want them for, please let me know what the project is, and what you background is, I am treating applications to get copies of them on a case by case basis at the moment. 


      (I replied)



      Thanks for your response. I have no specific purpose in mind for the IRs and it's good to know that you've been collecting some along the path of your research. I mostly just test software (with no specific background) and have been writing music for 35 years, but as I say, I did not have any specific use for them. I just thought people would be interested in them baring in mind the long held popular sub-cultural interest in Stonehenge and that it might clarify things for those who wish to focus on such things. I'll await any public release with interest anyway. Thanks for your time and good luck. :)

      Ian Craig

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