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  1. 0.01Hz Baseline please, software producers

    If someone can explain to me why sound software creators are not using 0.01Hz as their baseline I would like to know why. I recall reading a book about Stockhausen in the late 1980s in which he 'pointed out' that the human ability to perceive sounds was limited to 16 seconds, which means that if a sound continues for more than 16 seconds you do not perceive it to be the same sound. I tested this out on my track 'At a Tangent' a year and a half ago and found it to be more or less accurate, so as it's pitch rise's take longer than 16 seconds it is not possible to perceive it as a single repeating sound. Anyway, my point is that using a baseline of 0.01Hz it would take 100 seconds for the wave cycle to complete which when, for example using a sine wave, each diagonal line within the curve would exceed 16 seconds, thereby making it a whole lot easier to do what I do when trying to control sounds and their effects to ranges outside not only the typical but beyond the easily perceivable (an important component in sound sculpting, film soundtracks etc.).


    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Have you tried 15.9 seconds?

    2. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      Couldn't be arsed with that one Jack. Expansion. I'll chop one of my arms off later and see if it improves the situation

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