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  1. Yesterday, I recorded some bird sounds out the back balcony door and cleaned out the 'other' noises on the spectrogram (in iZotope RX6 mostly using Spectral Repair), then amplified the sounds. The little bird that occupies most of it is tweeting between 7.3-10.7khz which is pretty high and higher in pitch than the birds at the start. Note how the first picture looks like shore lights from on board a ship that has it's own lights on so the shore lights are barely visible. After removing the noise and normalising the volume level of the remaining sounds so that they become audible, it looks the shore lights exist in perfect isolation



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    2. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      I couldn't actually see the little bird, except for a second when it appeared from a tree 60 feet away below me next to a wall (which may have helped in getting the sounds). Things aren't very visible round here, as it's a very built up area a mile from Belfast city centre (N. Ireland, UK)

    3. CIIIGoff


      Wow, so you could record the sounds of a faraway bird in the busy city, and filter out all the city noise to bring up just the "peeps" that you display here?!   My primitive artistic palette could not possibly produce such dramatic sonic editing results.  Fortunately, I live on the frontier of a vastly undeveloped part of North America.  Lots of noisy birds and other natural wonders are just a short automobile trip away.  But even when I record those sounds, a little motorcar rumble from distant highways always seems to lurk in the background.  Keep up the good work!

    4. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      Thanks Charles, I will :D

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