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  1. Okay, here's another short new track/video. Sorry.

    Begun several days ago. Music created to accompany pen tablet and mouse drawings in paint.net, using a technique of basically drawing, using additions to change then undoing and saving to create the pictures. I wasn't overly impressed with the results so I applied multiple video effects, so the only original images saved are towards the end before the logo (the Gerald Scarfe style looking ones). The music consisted of bits of an improvised sequence broken up into chunks and played back by several different virtual instruments, these fed through various ping pong delays. I added another melodic and a less melodic pattern on top. I wasn't particularly pleased with the result of that either so I fed the whole thing through yet more delays to achieve the final, more satisfactory sound. (6th December 2018)

    Still unsatisfied with it today I re-imaged the sound using automated parameters of both Ozone spectral shaper and  multi-band stereo imager. (Ian Craig. 7th December 2018)