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  1. Hi, 


    I've been using Voltage Modular software for the last month or more and have become obsessed with it. It's not free and a very steep learning curve but the possibilities are only in computer power ultimately if you collect enough module bundles and things, which I have been doing before the prices go up. The expense has forced me to focus on using it when ill health would have otherwise caused me to not bother had it been free as I have to justify the expense to myself, so it works for me so far. I haven't produced many results with it yet, mostly just sections of live recording (the way Tangerine Dream recorded Phaedra using the Moog Modular - leave the tapes recording whilst experimenting). 
    I have put up one thing on youtube ... (continued under video link)

    ... and another on Bandcamp,    ... (continued under bandcamp link) 


    both recorded live and slightly edited.

    Also, I was looking up Chris Franke's 1982 setup and found the following article which seems to cover the subject from a historical hardware standpoint, but otherwise in exactly the same kind of way I see the subject myself. It makes interesting reading. 


    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Wow, nice track and video to go with. ?

      Glad to hear you're dipping into the modular realm. The digital side has plenty to offer, and some other benefits like being able to save your patches. Anyways, its all the same in the in end.

      Thanks for the article link as well. Looks like a great read. Always been a fan of Franke's work. I'll just shut up, read and listen now. Thanks! ?‍?


    2. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      Thanks Jack ?

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