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  1. Having started with Cakewalk for MS-DOS a few decades ago (after graduating from the C-64/SX-64 and Dr. T's KCS to an 8086/8088-based MS-DOS system), the demise of Cakewalk hits hard. That being said, as "legacy" software SONAR (and related software) will probably continue to be used for quite a while by those of us who have grown accustomed to its face--until such time that Windows/Microsoft does updates/upgrades/outdates that render the software incapable of being run on current and future PCs. My guess is the code and formats will probably not be open-sourced, although that might be nice if it were made available. Steve
  2. iSteve

    Ambient Sleeping Pill

    Thanks for the referral. I couldn't get it to work, possibly because there were too many scripts I had to unblock; however, there is a link on the ambient sleeping pill site to this: http://radio.stereoscenic.com/index.html which only needed me to unblock the main site. I'm not really sleeping. but just wanted some easy-listening music while I do stuff. I don't know if the other 141 listeners are sleeping or doing other stuff! Again, thanks.