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  1. Ableton Live

    I've been using Reaper since around version 3.x and for the money it's hard to beat. It is a bit clunky to move around in though. I'm not really fond of some of their midi editing tactics, but I can get things done with it. I guess the thing with it is you really need to dig into the manual and tweak the UI/menus to your liking. I also use Live but haven't used the composition view much...I need to look into it more. The one thing that bothers me is it not having a built in 32bit bridge like Reaper. Not a big issue as I can run it and Reaper at the same time...I use Live as a midi source and pipe it into Reaper. I do this on a relatively newer rack mount PC that I built. My laptop got to be underpowered and instead of forking out a bunch of money for another one I just went the normal PC route...I can get more mileage that way for less money. I used to use Saw Studio...still do for some editing but it's handling of VST(I) is weak compared to the other two. Sounds great though.
  2. For all things electronic music...

    Glad I found this site! Looking good!