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  1. Dr. Steve

    Frank Zappa Estate Sale

    $32,000 for Cal Schenkel's art used for the cover of Burnt Weenie Sandwich!!!! Who could imagine . . . . And I also wondered about the legendary E-Mu Modular. If that had been in the Estate Sale, it probably would have gone for $23,987,611.32--at least!
  2. Dr. Steve

    South City Sounds

    Cool sounds; fun listening; brings back personal memories--being a teen into sound effects records, an electronic music improv i did over a 30 min. recording of shower/bath tub sounds, etc. That razor really cut through my listening space!! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Dr. Steve

    Geek Question: Buying Factory Refurb Gear

    I used to prefer "blow-out" specials--new, unused gear that was discontinued, clearance, outdated, etc. to used, more current gear. Those all included original manuals, packing materials, etc. Then I got into getting used gear from an online backyard sale where (after being burned from sellers I would never do business with again) I learned how to read what the sellers weren't saying [i.e., deliberately left out] how to scrutinize pictures (or lack of pictures, factory shots, etc.), and how to ask questions so that if the seller was concealing things, he or she just didn't answer instead of outright lying. Unfortunately, sometimes sellers of used pack the gear with packing peanuts and other materials that run the risk of creating static. Most non-original packaging I have received has been protective and non-static prone. I care more about that, than having the original packaging. Also, I have been able to find most gear manuals I need online. In fact, I frequently read electronic manuals prior to making a purchase/making an offer/bidding as part of the purchasing decision process. While I enjoy reading hard copies, pdf manuals are indeed handy and usually searchable (for newer gear). New gear completely sealed is definitely a bonus!! Positive communication with sellers prior to a purchase is usually important for me, although sometimes the listing really just feels totally right. Negative interactions, failure to respond, vague answers, answers that say "read the listing," etc. are deal breakers for me. Inclusion of all special cables, attachments/parts, sound ROMs, etc. is also usually important. Depending on price, inclusion of midi cables, rack ears, etc. is not critical for me. To me these factors are more important than having original packaging and manuals.
  4. Dr. Steve

    Synthesizer Heaven: Armen's Music Shop, NYC USA

    I think in heaven they'd all be wired--power, audio, midi, wifi, etc.-- so you can just go over and play and not have to worry about the electric bill, depleting energy resources or contributing to the toxicity of the environment via energy production . . . . Hmmmmmm. Maybe it's already like that and you don't need wires and electricity! 8-[)>
  5. Sorry to hear of her passing. I had the pleasure to cross paths with her a few times, including at a multi-day Deep Listening Institute Conference several years ago and later her 80th birthday celebration, both at RPI. I think the first time was at a New Music Society Concert in the 1980s in Syracuse, NY. She remains a pioneer and a great influence and I expect her influence will continue through the lives she touched.