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    Yamaha RY30 Rhythm Programmer
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    Drum Machine with midi that uses sampling. 16 bit AWM2, 48 kHz sampling frequency, with digital filter.12 pads with velocity sensitivity controlling filter, volume, EG and pitch.100 preset and 100 user patterns. 20 songs with up to 999 parts per song. tempo range 40 - 250 bpm. Recording modes: Real time, step, parameter modify clock move. Voices 96 internal, 32 card/internal. Pad banks 12 internal, 4 card/internal, 1 pitch multi. Midi note tables 4 internal. Controllers: real time wheel for filter, pitch, balance, decay, and pan. 33 function keys Linear volume control, linear parameter selector. Data entry slider . audio out x4, headphones x1, midi in/out, tape data interface, foot switch. View full drum machine