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    No, haven't heard of them, but thanks for the heads-up, will try to check it out soon. Yeah, the Zavaloka thing was quite a (re)discovery. It was in a brown paper envelope with some generic sticker on the front. I have no idea how I got it or when, or even if I listened to it whenever that was. Nice glitchy electronics, and a haunting but beautiful voice.
  2. until
    This is my current weekly programme. It's not entirely electronic, and some weeks may not have any at all, but it's part of the name, so has a large representation. Unfortunately, it is only an hour, so longer pieces rarely get heard, but I try to when I can. Everything from classic studio type works to current high-tech wonders, though I tend to steer away from overly beat-driven or "pop" sounding tracks. http://www.ciut.fm/shows-2/music-shows/electric-sense/
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