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    Acoustic Percussion and Wind Instruments, Electronic and Electro-Acoustic Percussions, Instruments from around the World, Melodic Percussion, Gongs & Bells, Processing, Field Recordings, Soft Synths, Ableton Live, VSTs, Small Analog Instruments, Analog and Modular Synths, Contact Mics, Found Sounds

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  1. So stoked to see the return of Encyclotronica. Couldn't have come back at a better time! <3

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    2. Jon Johnson

      Jon Johnson

      Oh that will be nice addition. 

      We made the best efforts for a robust DB. The DB is our Starchild :D

    3. HrastProgrammer


      Glad to see the site back ...

      Is there a dedicated section for software synthesizers or they all go to "Misc"?

    4. Shane Morris

      Shane Morris

      Hey HrastP! Was just looking at your s.w. a few days ago... thinking about trying it out soon.

      The softsynth section will be coming soon. Ill ask Jack if we can start a new forum for that.

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