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    Acoustic Percussion and Wind Instruments, Electronic and Electro-Acoustic Percussions, Instruments from around the World, Melodic Percussion, Gongs & Bells, Processing, Field Recordings, Soft Synths, Ableton Live, VSTs, Small Analog Instruments, Analog and Modular Synths, Contact Mics, Found Sounds

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  1. So stoked to see the return of Encyclotronica. Couldn't have come back at a better time! <3

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    2. Shane Morris

      Shane Morris

      It's really nice, actually. Polished look. All the essential infos and then some. I think people are really going to dig it.

    3. Jon Johnson

      Jon Johnson

      Thank you. that's encouraging. Feel free to hit us up with your thoughts and impressions, and feel free to ad a synth if you don't see it (Y)

    4. Shane Morris

      Shane Morris

      The whole library of synths is a very cool addition to the site. Kinda like vintage synth built into social media. You guys have SOOO many in there already! It's a great base. I'm going to add some e-percussion stuff

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