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  1. ((((((((((((((Wooooooooooooooooo))))))))))))))

    .... just checking the reverb in the room before the grand opening <3

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    2. Shane Morris

      Shane Morris

      Haha wow thats really cool! :D


    3. Jon Johnson

      Jon Johnson

      Cool. I'm simplifying an already simplified rig for this afternoon's performance at a local event. Totally winging it. 3 hours of straight improv. Stress and excitement levels high. Reverb sounds great in here. 

    4. Shane Morris

      Shane Morris

      I love doing improv, though most of my solo stuff that I do I prep as much as I can before hand. I used to have a revolving door band called Z-sharp and we did all improv from scratch with no prep. Doing that stuff really helps you grow as a musician in different ways than the usual playing. I love it. Such a challenge to the right and left sides of the brain. Have a great gig! :-)


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