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  1. A real Mpc with all the old formula and more, you can have them for very decent price it sounds nice don't believe haters it's clear with still some grit when pushed the 2kXL is a workhorse hi powered outputs, the expander output is a must. The eb16 fx board is also very good with AKAI's fx family personnality I do prefer using fx of drum machines vs external gear. This machine is a great investement. I owned all the mpc and this one symbolize for me the concept the most. This is my Akai go to. The simplicity of it keeps you focus on producing something on it. This box has limitations but also tricks to keep it better than new models in term of quality/features.
  2. Dope machine the only Ensoniq to keep. Less fragile than the asr10 and faster. Some stuff less in the sampler departement but also some more if you have an Mpc or Mv like me it's super complementary to have an Ensoniq and this one is dope.
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