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  1. Listening to "Kogyo - Deep Blue" Ambient Dub Techno --- http://www.sound-source.nl/

    1. Jon Johnson
    2. Jon Johnson

      Jon Johnson

      Great to hear that this form of EM still has a modern viable outlet.

  2. Levitation is the second album I did with my friend Roman. The official release date is 1st of April and it's available as a digital download and a very pretty physical CD in Digipak format. I don't repeat all the description stuff, just a short excerpt: Levitation features 12 tracks, covering a versatile range of calm and meditative, sometimes dense and surprising, but always harmonic music with over one hour of total playtime. Cheers! https://primalocean.bandcamp.com/album/levitation
  3. Its the first month for my Ambient Induction. Tomorrow last chance for the recent mixes.
  4. Darage Bang’s Ambient Induction on Casafonda Radio, London relax and listen on http://www.casafondaradio.co.uk/ Current Tracklist: 00:00 Symatic Star - Spectrum 07:25 Chevalier - the Tube 2 18:05 Macu & Ambient Fabric - Sea Of Tranquility 23:42 Michael Brückner und Detlev Everling - Flying North 32:20 Damian Valles - Umbra 41:07 Jack Hertz - Mori Point 52:49 Brother Saturn - of Fire and Ice
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