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  1. First of all I’d like to introduce Mathias Grassow to those who don’t know so much about him yet: Mathias was born in 1963 and grew up in Wiesbaden, Germany. After first musical steps with drums and guitar in the late 1970s he started to get involved in e View full article
  2. Recently I conducted an interview with drone ambient pioneer Mathias Grassow which is hosted by AmbientVisions (and some more platforms - see below). http://www.ambientvisions.com/mathiasgrassowkreuzblut.htm Mathias speaks about his life, his career, synthesizer, collaborations and inspirations (including Klaus Wiese, Peter Michael Hamel, John Haughm, Rüdiger Gleisberg and others) and about the spiritual and healing aspects of music. There is also a Russian translation - see here: http://klem.ru/forum/showthread.php?p=267387 And a German version - see here: http://www.empulsiv.de/interviews/556-drone-ambient-pioneer-mathias-grassow-im-gespraech The English and the German version are also hosted on these other platforms: https://desertmountaindust.blogspot.de/2017/01/my-music-is-echo-of-my-call.html http://www.radikaliai.lt/garsas-sound/3903-my-music-is-is-the-echo-of-my-call-a-conversation-with-drone-ambient-pioneer-mathias-grassow http://hippiesland.de/interview_mathias_grassow Thanks to all supporters and collaborators! :-) Share links if You enjoy! .
  3. Where Do You Find Electronic Music?

    Well, I read reviews a lot (and always did). Radio, on the other hand, is something I usually avoid - or just never felt I needed, because I don't even have time enough to listen to most music in my personal collection...
  4. Cheers everybody! :-)

    I found some time today to make a visit on Encyclotronic here after a long while, and hope all of You girls and guys are doing fine! :-)

    Cheers & all good wishes,


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  6. Michael Brückner: Thirteen Rites of Passage

    My album Thirteen Rites of Passage was actually already released on Tuesday, the 14th of January 2014, on SynGate Records. However, since it's my most recent release, I thought why not start with it? The seven tracks - most of them Berlin School type of electronica - are based on live recordings that took place over the year 2013 (both actual concert recordings, but also live in the studio - improvisations from the preceding rehearsals and preparations.) However, "Thirteen Rites of Passage" is no live album in the traditional sense, as many of the tracks are edited and mixed with one another to create a unique new album. Here's a trailer: ...and here's SynGate's Bandcamp page: http://syngate.bandcamp.com/album/thirteen-rites-of-passage