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  1. M.NOMIZED - The City Of Lights

    After The Last City, a transition is necessary to the people. A new god is born. The city was rebuilt on its ashes. The time has come to go to a new city of light ...
  2. FRIPP & ENO - No Pussyfooting

    (No Pussyfooting) is the debut studio album by the British musicians Robert Fripp and Brian Eno (credited as Fripp & Eno). The album was released in 1973. (No Pussyfooting) was the first of three major collaborations between the musicians, growing out of Eno's early tape recording loop experiments and Fripp's "Frippertronics" electric guitar technique. Brian Eno invited Robert Fripp to his London home studio in September 1972. Eno was experimenting with a tape system developed by Terry Riley and Pauline Oliveros where two reel-to-reel tape recorders were set up side-by side. Sounds recorded on the first deck would be played back by the second deck, and then routed back into the first deck to create a long looping tape delay. Fripp played guitar over Eno's loops, while Eno selectively looped or recorded Fripp's guitar without looping it. The result is a dense, multi-layered piece of ambient music. This technique later came to be known as "Frippertronics". (No Pussyfooting) 's first track, which fills one side, is a 21-minute piece titled "The Heavenly Music Corporation". Fripp originally wanted the track titled "The Transcendental Music Corporation", which Eno didn't allow as he feared it would make people "think they were serious". It was recorded in two takes, first creating the background looping track, then adding an extended non-looped guitar solo over the backing track. This track features Fripp's electric guitar as the sole sound source. The second track "Swastika Girls", which fills the other side, was recorded almost a year after "The Heavenly Music Corporation" in August 1973 at Command Studios at 201 Piccadilly in London. The track employed the same technique as "The Heavenly Music Corporation" except Fripp played to a background electronic loop created by Eno on VCS3. Fripp and Eno took the tapes of "Swastika Girls" to British record producer George Martin's Air Studios at Oxford Circus to continue mixing and assembling the track there.[6] The track's title refers to an image of nude women performing a Nazi salute that was ripped from a discarded pornographic film magazine found by Eno at AIR studios. Eno stuck the image on the recording console while recording the track with Fripp and it became the title of the track. (No Pussyfooting) was released in November 1973 and failed to chart on either the American or British charts. It was met with negative reaction from the record label itself, Island Records, who were actively opposed to it. The album was released in the same year as Eno's more rock-based solo album Here Come the Warm Jets. Eno was attempting to launch a solo career, having just left Roxy Music, and his management bemoaned the confusion caused by the release of two albums with such different styles. Robert Fripp's bandmates in King Crimson also disliked the album. The mainstream rock press also did not pay the album much attention compared to Fripp's work with King Crimson and to Eno's solo album. In the UK, the album was released at a large discount compared to normal album prices and was regarded as something of a musical novelty.
  3. M​.​NOMIZED - The Last City

    THE LAST CITY A city almost like any other on the planet, if not the atmosphere that prevails ... And the laughter, children's games punctuate the course of days. Life is peaceful, pleasant. Between people and nature is a real communion. Nothing could change that fullness coming .... The horror abruptly degrades the exhilaration, all around, city after city the destruction becomes fruitful. Across the Invader took power, one word manages the world: ... Destruction! The sky is black ash on the ground run rivers of blood. What seems to be the remains of bodies scattered litter the earth ... This is the most total desolation ... Miraculously only one last city to resist such atrocities: "The last city ..." as people call him ... They are certain to be alone on this planet, they bind themselves to protect themselves. They have never been welded. But what will happen to them, them the last survivors? How to deal with this fear is no longer their air ... Do they still believe in a tomorrow? Despair becomes a force as if to say that we must believe whatever the cost. But doubt is powerful. Think, try to think they were spared ... as protected by someone or something intangible almost unreal ... Meanwhile, children play with simple stones, one says laughing ... Life is stronger ...! The adults look, meet ... we see as a breath to rise more and more dense in a complete meditation. They must believe in a future in them. Rebuild to move ... Yes, but differently. To stop living the horror. Unite in the true values. That of being for and with the Other. Everyone is aware of the new opportunity they have given them. The future becomes possible ... step by step, minute by minute, day after day the fly ash, dry blood, a new World is born ...! (Catherine Deschamps de Boishébert 2012)
  4. First travel in a microscopic world...
  5. A dark trip in a stormy sky.