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Ciat-Lonbarde Srine Ambrazier

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1.20.03: now available: the new srine ambrazier: a remix of the original fancy ambrazier, times ten four!

The srine ambrazier combines 8bit digidelays, analog synthesizers, analog brains, and leather-clad nipple-buttons to make a unique stereo synthesizer/sampler/surgeon/deconstructor... The interface is simple and built for spontaneity - there are no menus to scroll through and every feature can be controlled immediately with one button push or knob turn. It provides a unique mode of interaction with sound, by dynamically (allowing anything from light layering to heavy punching-in) inserting it into twin digital buffers. It has a built-in oscillator, an external input, a silence insertion, and the so-called royalty mode, where one buffer samples the opposing one to create stereo spacialized sounds. The digital buffers themselves can hold up to 2 minutes of material, and their parameters- speed, breakpoint, loop, direction- are controlled by a randomizing analog brain, a rambrain; with this you can adjust the buffers to skip through material, modulate speed wildly, loop endlessly forwards and backwards, and stochastically explore and generate the material within. The instrument is finished in fine leather (secondhand purchased from furniture factories) not for kitsch, but for utility: the surface is warm and soft, and the buttons are soft nipples formed into it.

The rambrain works like this- it has a master clock, which can be synced to an external pulse input. This master clock is subdivided to trigger four randomly stepping controllers- so you can make a random pattern that moves every n clock ticks according to where you turn its knob to. On each buffer, for each of its parameters, there is a knob to control how much this random pattern will affect it, and there is a knob to control the parameter manually. So you can turn the speed of a delay to a certain middle point, then gradually turn up the rambrain's control of it, eventually making it wander in speed from ultra slow 1khz sampling rate to ultra high 500khz sampling rate. Each delay has a foolflower parameter, which is a trigger that subdivides the master clock, optionally modulated by a rambrain signal, that causes a point in the buffer to be stored, for the reset parameter to skip back to. The reset is also a trigger that subdivides the master clock and it can also be rambrain modulated. The fourth parameter for each buffer is a turnaround trigger; it makes the buffer change direction, and it can also be rambrain modulated. With these four highly playable parameters, complex wandering patterns can be created through this material, going forwards and backwards, skipping around, with as much or as little randomization as you want. The srine takes delay based improvisation to a new level- it will inspire with its random motifs, its ability to hide material in its extreme length and then reveal it later, its wide frequency range, and the touchability of all its features. Don't forget you can treat other sounds with it, and you can also syncronize with your other instruments with the pulse in jack. The srine also has a builtin filter bank and ring modulator, which you can use to process or reprocess material. You can control the dynamics of the material with a knob, and you can also generate automatic envelopes to shape it.

Just like the original ambrazier, the srine is covered in warm beige leather, decorated with colorful, personalized drawings that indicate its functions.

Technical Specifications
Type: Digital
Synthesis: Sampling, Virtual Analog
Oscillators: 2
Sampling: 8 bit, Loop
Envelopes: 0
Filters: 0
LFO: 0
Polyphony & Tuning
Polyphony: 2
Timbrality: 2
Tuning: Atonal
Modes: Duophonic
Patches RAM: 1
Case: Desktop
Controls: Buttons, Pads, Knobs, Switches
Display Type: LED
Audio Output Connections: 1/4" Phone Jack, Stereo Main
Audio Output Count: 2
DAC Bits: 8
Year Released: 2003
Units Made: 4
Design Notes:

the srine ambrazier is an original and unique instrument, specially designed from scratch. there will only be a total of four available. each srine will come with a limited edition hand screenprinted poster that shows the organic and structural dualisms of d'beast.

size: 11"x17"x2"

power: integral (builtin) power, with included IEC connector and cord

inputs: one sampling input, one pulse sync input

outputs: two outputs (one for each separate delay), one pulse output from the master clock

knobs: 37

buttons: 22

materials: baltic birch, maple, leather, aluminum, circuit board materials.

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