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KT 76 64 Voice Weighted Action

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The KT76 offers performance. With 64-voice polyphony and 76-key weighted action keyboard, the KT gives musicians the sound and feel of a real piano along with all the benefits of a MIDI synthesizer. It's the ultimate instrument for performance -- whether you play at home, in the studio, at church, or on stage.· 64-Voices -- Play bigger chords or longer sustained passages. Build richer layers. Create fully orchestrated songs. Or play along live with your sequences -- all without "robbing" notes. Increased polyphony gives you the notes you need for uninhibited performance.· Authentic Sounds -- There are over 300 sounds for playing all types of music: rock, classical, jazz, techno/dance -- whatever suits your style.

The KT has two sampled pianos in ROM, plus a wide range of organs, electric pianos, vintage synths, and other keyboard instruments. There are also realistic guitar and drum sounds, lifelike orchestral and world/ethnic instruments, digital pads, and more. New sounds are available on our KTC series sound cards. And finding sounds is quick and easy with ENSONIQ's exclusive SoundFinder (TM).· Keyboard Action -- The KT-76 has a responsive weighted action "piano feel" keyboard .· Performance Controls -- Versatile controls make it easy to add expression to your performance. Mod and Pitch wheels are placed at a convenient angle. One button-push transposes your live playing to any key you choose with our new Transpose Keyboard feature. With Performance Presets, you can combine internal and external MIDI sounds, then save your set-ups for instant recall during performance.

The KT is perfect for stand-alone playing or controlling your other MIDI gear.· General MIDI Compatibility -- The KT is an excellent sound source for General MIDI playback. Its rich, realistic GM sounds are unequaled! And with the KT's increased polyphony, you can play along with fully orchestrated GM songs without ever stealing voices or running out of notes.· Sequencing -- The KT has the same advanced, yet easy-to-use, sequencing features that have made ENSONIQ keyboards famous! Our user-friendly recording and editing tools will help you develop your musical ideas into fully orchestrated songs. For increased sequencer memory, simply plug in industry standard PCMCIA RAM cards (the same kind used by many notebook computers).

The KT-88 and KT-76 are the only musical instruments with 64 voices and such a complete set of performance capabilities. - Mfg list price $2495. The KT88 is identical in every way to the KT76 but features an 88 note keyboard. List price for KT88 is $2995

Technical Specifications
Type: Digital
Synthesis: ROM, Wave Table
Oscillators: 3
Waveforms: ROM, Wave Table
ROM Size: 12
ROM Resolution: 44.1 kHz
Osc Modulation: After Touch, Breath Controller, Continuous Controller, Envelope, Glide / Portamento, Keyboard, LFO, Mod Wheel, Oscillator, Pedal, Pitch Wheel, Sequencer, Velocity
Envelopes: 3
Evelope Paramerters: Initional Level, Delay, Attack, Decay, Decay 2, Sustain, Sustain Level, Release, Release 2, Rate 1, Level 1, Rate 2, Level 2, Rate 3, Level 3, Rate 4, Level 4, Bi-Polar, Freerun, Looping, Monophonic, Offset, Polyphonic, Slope, Triggered, Time
Filters: 2
Types: 24dB Slope (4-pole), High Pass, Low Pass, Resonance
Filter Modulation: Breath Controller, Envelope, Input, Keyboard, LFO, Mod Wheel, Oscillator, Pedal, Pitch Wheel, Portamento, Sequencer
LFO: 4
LFO Parameters: Noise, Sample & Hold, Saw Up, Saw Down, Sine, Square, Triangle, Clocked, Delay, Freerun, Key Sync, Phase
Polyphony & Tuning
Polyphony: 64
Timbrality: 16
Tuning: Atonal, Micro, Standard
Patches RAM: 100
Patches ROM: 100
Multipatches RAM: 30
Multipatches ROM: 30
Storage: Internal, PCMCIA
Editing: MIDI
13 state-of-the-art effect algorithms with real time modulation
16-track sequencer
Case: Keyboard
Case Details: 76
Keyboard: 76 keys
Controls: Aftertouch, Breath, Velocity, Velocity - Release, Buttons, Motion Control, Mod - Wheel, Modulation 1/8" Jacks, Pedal - Filter, Pedal - Patch Change, Pedal - Sustain, Pedal - Volume, Tempo Knob, Sequencer
Display Notes: Fluorescent LED Display
Audio Output Connections: 1/4" Phone Jack, Stereo Main, Stereo Headphone
Audio Output Count: 4
General MIDI: GM - General MIDI
Year Released: 1994
Manuals & Documents

Product Links
Company Product Sites:
[+] www.synthony.com
MSRP List Price: $2,495 - convert
Used Price: $600-$700 - convert

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