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Gotharman's Little deFormer 3

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    Gotharman's Little deFormer 3 (LD3), Rev. 3 prototype design.

    Planned changes on the final model:

    - Will have 8 Edit Knobs instead of 4.
    - The name on 2 of the shortcut buttons will be changed to: Copy and Paste (don't know which yet).
    - Frontpanel will be professionally made and look nicer.

    Preliminary Specs:

    Expected release: September 2018.

    - 16 parts

    - 8 stereo voices

    - One oscillator per part, that can either be a multi-waveform oscillator, a stereo sampler, a noise generator, one audio input or both audio inputs.

    - 2 filters per voice. 16 filter types.

    - Cross fading chop playback system for ultra smooth transitions between chops -See the XXX7 video for a demo.

    - 16 Audio Tracks (only 8 can play back at a time at the moment). Chops while recording. Playback starts immediately when recording stops, and chops can be rearranged and re-pitched (again: See XXX7 video).

    - Sample time: Either 94 minutes (477MB) or 194 minutes (977MB) of mono sampling (half in stereo), kept in super reliable NOR FLASH memory. Samplings and audio tracks are immediately available when turning on -No loading time.

    - 8 busses, on which insert effects and optional analog filters can be placed.

    - 8 Insert effects, that can be placed on any audio bus.

    - 2 output effects.

    - 16 sequencer note tracks.

    - 32 sequencer controller tracks.

    - Morph Knob.

    USB: Connect a USB drive for importing and exporting of wav samplings, presets and songs, and for updating the firmware.

    Audio: Stereo in and out. Left output also functions as a headphone connector.

    MIDI: In and out.

    Optional Analog Board (Planned -Not yet made):

    - 2 slots for Anamono X series analog filterboards. Each filter can be individually placed on any of the 8 audio busses.

    - 4 x CV/Gate in.

    - 4 x CV/Gate out.

    - 4 extra Audio inputs and outputs -Stereo jacks: Tip = input, ring = output.
    Type: Digital
    Synthesis: Frequency Modulation, Sampling
    Oscillators: 1
    Osc Modulation: Envelope, LFO, Sequencer
    Sampling: 16 bit
    Sampling Notes:
    Sample time: Either 94 minutes (477MB) or 194 minutes (977MB)
    Envelopes: TBA
    Filters: 2
    Filter Notes:
    + 16 filter types.
    LFO: TBA
    Polyphony & Tuning
    Polyphony: 8
    Timbrality: 16
    Tuning: Standard
    Modes: Polyphonic
    Storage: Internal
    8 Insert effects
    2 output effects
    16 sequencer note tracks.
    32 sequencer controller tracks.
    Case: Desktop
    Controls: Buttons, Knobs
    Display Type: LED, TouchView
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 23 x 16 x 6 cm
    Weight: 1.0 KG
    Audio Output Connections: Stereo Main, Stereo Headphone
    Audio Output Count: 2
    Inputs: 2
    MIDI Ports: IN, OUT
    CV Ports: CV IN, CV OUT, Gate In, Gate Out
    Year Released: 2018
    Manuals & Documents

    Product Links
    Company Product Sites:
    [+] www.gotharman.dk
    MSRP List Price: 1.249 Euros - convert
    YouTube Videos
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