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JoMox XBase 09

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You can now program drum grooves on an instrument that not only matches the sound quality and character of its predecessor, but surpasses it by opening an even larger scope of sound potential, adding modern control technology to honest to goodness punchy old-time analog sound generation!

We combined our experience from many modifications of the TR 909 and other drum computers and our MIDI interface know-how to develop this new product you now have in front of you. The Xbase09 is more than just a drum machine because it is capable of closing the gap that separates "noisy" percussive sounds from more "tonal" sounds.

Among its most interesting features are:

3 instruments or rather monophonic sound generators, namely bass drum, snare drum and hihat with greatly enhanced sound forming parameters. Crazy kick drums, nasally noisy snares and hi hat modulations (including reversed playback) that the TR 909 could never have done are now possible.

Original 909 analog sound generation with storable digital Midi control of ALL parameters. In order to preserve the "analogness" of sound generation as well as of sound control, all parameters are controlled by specially adapted and discretely built digital to analog converters. This measure requires extra hardware, but enables practically immediate response to control messages. Great care has been taken to preserve the analog feel of control voltages in the Xbase 09’s MIDI control of sound parameters. For most parameters, the range of control has been greatly increased.

All sound forming parameters have a dedicated physical knob on the unit that sends the respective MIDI controller. In PERFORM-MODE the Xbase09 can send MIDI controllers and receive them at the same time.

100 ROM drum kits are already programmed for immediate access.

100 of your own custom drum kits can be stored in the RAM-Section.

64 patterns are stored in 4 memory banks containing 16 patterns each.

10 Songs can be stored. These can be comprised of 64 patterns and can repeat every pattern 255 times per song step. 100 song steps are allowed per song, each of which may run at its own tempo.

The on-board step sequencer allows for extensive direct access, even in a live concert situation. All sound-forming parameters are programmable for every step by simply turning the control knobs. This is the decisive feature of the XBase09.

Depending on the used mode, it is possible to program completely different sounds for every single step in a pattern.

Also possible are continous sound changes over several steps and these features can be used for bass-, snare- and HiHat-track individually.

Software-Version 2.09

There are also three additional Sequencer-Tracks. Their data is output via Midi to control up to three different outboard sound sources. Notes and length is controlled easily by the knobs on the XBase09 front panel. (See V2-Update!)

The internal sequencer enables sound and tone control for each instrument in each step without the timing delays that MIDI controllers and note-on messages would produce. This is the reason why the Xbase09 grooves so tightly when running on its own, much tighter than if it played the same pattern in MIDI remote control mode.

Technical Specifications
Type: Analog
Oscillators: 3
Envelopes: 0
Filters: 0
LFO: 2
LFO Parameters: Saw Up, Saw Down, Triangle, Key Sync
LFO Notes::
LFO Modulation target determines the parameter the LFO will modulate.

Both LFOs can modulate one of the following parameters: BD Pitch, Snare Tune, Xsnapp, Noise Tune, Hi Hat Tune

LFO 1 can modulate LFO 2's frequency
Polyphony & Tuning
Polyphony: 3
Timbrality: 3
Tuning: Micro, Standard
Patches RAM: 64
Multipatches RAM: 100
Storage: Internal
Editing: DIN, MIDI
Case: Desktop
Display Type: LED
Display Count H: 3
Display Count V: 7
Display Notes: 3 digit red LED 7-segment display
Dimensions (WxDxH): 330mm x 240mm x 75mm
Weight: 4.5 k
Audio Output Connections: 1/4" Phone Jack
Audio Output Notes: 1
Power: 12V AC/AC
Year Released: 1996
Year Discontinued: 2005
Manuals & Documents

Product Links
Company Product Sites:
[+] www.jomox.de
Used Price: $450-650 - convert

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