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Korg DSM-1 Digital Sampling Synthesizer

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    In early 1988 Korg introduced the DSM-1 Digital Sampling Synthesizer 2 unit rackmount version.

    The instrument came with 1 Megaword of memory that allowed the user to sample up to 64 second of audio. Like the DDS-1 it also featured Additive Synthesis and allowed the user to create their own waveforms as well.

    The unit is 12 bit sampling at 16,24, 32, &, 48 khz resolutions.

    Newer features included 16 voices, 16 VCF filters, 16 VCA's, and 16 audio outs. The digital VCF has no resonance which resulted in user frustration for those wanting self oscillation and other more analog filtering features.

    Even newer was the instrument also had 32 programs in memory as well as a new combination mode which allowed the user to have up to 32 combinations as splits and layers for multitimbral operation.

    The unit also featured a full MIDI implementation and a serial interface (HSI). A floppy drive for storing up to 128 programs and combinations on disk.
    Type: Digital
    Synthesis: Additive, Sampling
    Oscillators: 2
    Waveforms: Additive
    Oscillator Notes:
    Sampling and Additive waves
    Sampling: 12 bit, 32 kHz, 48 kHz
    Sampling Notes:
    Upto 64 seconds of sample time
    16,24, 32, &, 48 khz resolutions
    Envelopes: 1
    Evelope Paramerters: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
    Filters: 1
    Types: 24dB Slope (4-pole), Low Pass
    LFO: 1
    LFO Parameters: Triangle
    Polyphony & Tuning
    Polyphony: 16
    Timbrality: 4
    Tuning: Standard
    Modes: Mono, Polyphonic, Split
    Patches RAM: 32
    Multipatches RAM: 32
    Storage: Tape, Internal
    Editing: MIDI
    Case: Rack
    Rack Size: 19", 2U, Full
    Controls: Buttons, Knobs
    Display Type: LCD, LED, Backlit
    Display Count H: 32
    Display Count V: 2
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 434 x 430 x 134 mm
    Weight: 11.5 kg
    Audio Output Connections: 1/4" Phone Jack, Mono Out, Stereo Main, Stereo Headphone
    Audio Output Count: 20
    Inputs: 16 x 1/4" Mono Mic
    MIDI Ports: IN, OUT, THRU
    DAC Bits: 12
    DAC Frequency Rate: 48
    Year Released: 1988
    Year Discontinued: 1989
    Used By
    Jean Michel Jarre, Joe Zawinul, Michael Crito
    Manuals & Documents

    Product Links
    Company Product Sites:
    [+] www.korg.co.jp
    MSRP List Price: $2,999 - convert
    Retail Street Price: $2,699 - convert
    Used Price: $550 - $800 - convert
    YouTube Videos
    References & Sources
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