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Korg T3 Music Workstation

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1989 Korg expanded the idea started with the M1 by releasing the 76 key T2 Musicworkstation with more sounds and adding the ability to load samples.

Much of the architecture of the M1 was onboard using Korg's AI synthesis method making it compatible with the M1 disks and DSM-1 disks. No resonant filter but the unit had 8 megabytes of rom and 1 megabyte of sample ram with 16 bit resolution.

A 50,000 event 8 track sequencer with 3.5" DSHD disk drive for storage. The ever present X/Y joystick for modulating the VDF filter and VDA. Velocity sensitive keyboard and MIDI IN/OUT/THRU.

Technical Specifications
Type: Digital
Synthesis: ROM, Sampling, Subtractive, Wave Table
Oscillators: 2
Oscillator Notes:
2 digital oscillator with 4 megabytes of PCM samples in rom
Envelope Notes::
1 VDA Variable Digital Amplifier
3 ADSR envelope generators
Filter Notes:
1 non resonant VDF low pass filter
LFO Notes::
2 LFO's
Polyphony & Tuning
Polyphony: 16
Timbrality: 8
Tuning: Standard
Modes: Polyphonic
Patches RAM: 200 plus 200 on disk
Storage: Tape, Internal, RAM Cartridge, ROM Cartridge
Editing: MIDI
2 multi-effects processors, 33 effects
50,000 event sequencer
Case: Keyboard
Keyboard: 61 keys, Non-weighted, Plastic
Controls: Aftertouch, Breath, Joy Stick, Pedal - Patch Change, Pedal - Sustain, Velocity
Display Type: LCD, LED, Backlit
Display Count H: 240
Display Count V: 64
Dimensions (WxDxH): W:1058mm D:355mm H:111mm
Weight: 13.6kg
Audio Output Connections: 1/4" Phone Jack, Stereo Main, Stereo 2, Stereo Headphone
Audio Output Count: 6
Inputs: 0
Power: 15w
Year Released: 1989
Year Discontinued: 1990
Manuals & Documents

Product Links
Company Product Sites:
MSRP List Price: $2,799 - convert
Retail Street Price: $2,499 - convert
Used Price: $350 - convert

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