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Mellotron M4000D Keyboard

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The Mellotron 4000 is quite impressive. The sounds have great fidelity and dynamics but truly retain the character of the original tapes. It's great having tow banks to switch back and forth and to blend together. The added pitch control makes it great to fine tune sounds to the track. The audio quality is superb, the interface is easy and the Midi works very well.

100 original Mellotron and Chamberlin lead sounds included, with IMMEDIATE access.

The sounds are taken from the original first-generation tape library giving the same sound quality as the original Mellotrons made in the 60s and 70s.

It has our very advanced and in-house developed streaming technology for uncompressed 24 bit audio reproduction.

The software and audio engine has taken 3 years to develop, but the concept of the digital Mellotron has been in development since the mid 90s. Mellotron bought parts of the original inventory from a company called 'Mellotron Digital'.

Furniture quality cabinet with hinged lid.

Expansion slot gives you 100 extra sounds on special compact flash cards, all from the original archives. There will be 8 expansion cards released with a large variety of sounds.

Two high-quality TFT displays and a backlit laser cut front panel.

Mellotron's very advanced and in-house developed streaming technology for uncompressed 24 bit audio reproduction.

Three gold plated balanced XLR outputs, all other connectors are gold plated for maximum reliability.

Technical Specifications
Type: Digital
Synthesis: ROM
Oscillators: 1
Waveforms: ROM
ROM Resolution: 24 bit
Osc Modulation: After Touch, Keyboard, Knob
Polyphony & Tuning
Polyphony: 20
Timbrality: 2
Tuning: Standard
Modes: Polyphonic, Split
Patches RAM: 100
Storage: Flash Card, Internal
Case: Keyboard
Keyboard: 37 keys, Semi-weighted, Wood
Controls: Aftertouch, Knobs, Pedal - Sustain, Switches, Pedal - Volume
Display Type: LCD, LED, Backlit
Display Notes: Dual TFT Displays
Dimensions (WxDxH): 34 x 19 3/4 x 5 1/4 inches / 86 x 50 x 13.4 cm
Weight: 38 pounds / 17.5 kg.
Audio Output Connections: 1/4" Phone Jack, XLR
Audio Output Count: 6
Audio Output Notes: A, B and Master Outs
DAC Bits: 24
Power: 9 -24V DC
Year Released: 2012
Used By
FooFighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Wilco, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age, Eels, Jackson Browne, Bruno Mars

Product Links
Company Product Sites:
[+] www.mellotron.com
MSRP List Price: 2,699 Euros - convert
Retail Street Price: $2,799 - convert

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