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Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II

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    Pick up and play and patch, patch, patch.

    The Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II (MSII) is a hand-held synth and sequencer that follows the first Dirty Electronics Mute Synth (MSI), originally created for the legendary Short Circuit presents Mute event at the Roundhouse in 2011.

    MSII’s elegant design and focus on usability pushes through a pick-up-and-play approach, with switches and knobs, in conjunction with the touch controls inherent in the MSI, to enable complex and infinite rhythms and sounds to be created simply.

    The Mute Synth II comes boxed with an album of works using the synth by artists associated with Dirty Electronics and Mute. The CD features Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle / Carter Tutti Void), Simon Fisher Turner, Dominic Butler (Bronze Teeth / Factory Floor), Kidanevil, Dirty Electronics and others.

    MSII is designed in collaboration with the designer and writer, Adrian Shaughnessy.

    Mute Synth II is a statement against MPEG culture and places an onus on an active participant rather than passive consumer and has been born out of Dirty Electronics’ ongoing commitment to DIY approaches and noise aesthetics, and serves as a catalyst for experimenting with electronic sound.

    Additional modules and add-ons make the MSII customisable and scalable.

    Packaged with a booklet containing simple and clear instructions, diagrams and essays, the MSII opens-up usability to not only the synth aficionado, but also an untrained enthusiast.


    + Designer circuit board
    + Noise generator
    + Feedback
    + Oscillator
    + Wave-shaping
    + Buffered output
    + Sequencer
    + Touch and pot control
    + Mini patchbay
    + Headphone/line output
    + Battery powered (9v battery not included)
    Type: Digital
    Synthesis: Oscillator(s), Subtractive
    Oscillators: 2
    Waveforms: Square, Triangle, White Noise
    Osc Modulation: Input, Knob, Oscillator
    Filters: 1
    Types: High Pass
    Filter Modulation: Oscillator
    Polyphony & Tuning
    Polyphony: 1
    Timbrality: 1
    Tuning: Atonal
    Modes: Mono
    Case: Desktop
    Controls: Buttons, Knobs, Modulation Pin Matrix, Sequencer
    Display Type: LED
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 105mm x 165mm
    Audio Output Connections: 1/8" Phone Jack, Mono Out
    CV Ports: Gate In
    Power: 9V Battery
    Year Released: 2014
    Year Discontinued: 2016
    Units Made: 900
    Used By
    Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle / Carter Tutti Void), Simon Fisher Turner, Dominic Butler (Bronze Teeth / Factory Floor), Kidanevil, Dirty Electronics
    Design Notes:

    Designed with Adrian Shaughnessy.
    Manuals & Documents

    Product Links
    Company Product Sites:
    [+] www.dirtyelectronics.org
    Retail Street Price: £89.00 - convert
    Used Price: $100 - $200 - convert
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