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Vinicius Electrik Lizard System

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The Vinicius Electrik Lizard System is a very powerful Eurorack analog modular synthesizer system with digital control. It includes nine modules mounted in a 104HP case: Lizard Oscillator/Sequencer; MultiWaves Oscillator/LFO; Stage Variable VCF; OverFolder; ADSR (x2); DualVCA; 4 Channel Mixer and Midi Port. Includes power adapter and 24 colored patch cables of assorted sizes. Tested, with original box. Assembled in USA.

It is composed of:

• the MIDI2CV module;
• the ADSR Generators (x2);
• the Lizard VCO, a powerful hybrid VCO with 48 Operation Modes, which can also function as sequencer;
• the MultiWaves, a triple LFO of which two are fully analog and one is hybrid (with 8 waveforms) that can function as a VCO;
• the StateVariable VCF which features Low Pass 12, Low Pass 18, Band Pass and High Pass outputs;
• the OverFolder, a wavefolder with an innovative folding topology;
• the 4 Channel Mixer;
• the Dual VCA.

The package includes varied set of 24 colored patch cables and an external power supply for better signal-to-noise ratio.

Technical Specifications
Type: Analog, Digital
Synthesis: Subtractive, Wave Folding
Oscillators: 2
Waveforms: Pulse, Pulse Variable, Saw Down, Saw Up, Sine, Square, Triangle, White Noise
Osc Modulation: Envelope, Glide / Portamento, Input, Keyboard, Knob, LFO, Oscillator
Oscillator Notes:
+ Lizard VCO: 48 Operation Modes
+ MultiWaves VCO mode
Envelopes: 2
Evelope Paramerters: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
Filters: 1
Types: 12dB Slope (2-pole), 18dB Slope, Band Pass, High Pass, Low Pass, Resonance
Filter Modulation: Input, LFO, Oscillator
LFO: 3
LFO Parameters: Noise, Saw Up, Saw Down, Sine, Square, Triangle, Clocked
LFO Notes::
+ 8 waveforms
Polyphony & Tuning
Polyphony: 1
Timbrality: 1
Tuning: Standard
Modes: Mono
Case: Rack
Controls: Buttons, Knobs, Modulation 1/8" Jacks, Pedal - Filter
Audio Output Connections: 1/8" Phone Jack, Stereo Main, Stereo 2
MIDI Ports: IN
CV Ports: CV IN, CV OUT, Gate In, Gate Out
Year Released: 2017

Product Links
Company Product Sites:
[+] viniciuselectrik.com
MSRP List Price: $1,899 - convert
Used Price: $1,100 - convert

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