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Roland GR-300 Guitar Synthesizer

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    Any guitarist can play the GR-300, using all standard guitar playing techniques, including: hammering, glissandos, harmonics, chopping, etc. The GR-300 produces effects and nuances which keyboard synthesizers cannot easily produce. In order to use the GR-300 Guitar Synthesizer unit you must have a Roland compatible guitar controller such as the G-303 or G-808 with the divided HEX pickup installed.

    To produce the effect of the GR-300, you would need: 6-octave shifters + 6-com pressors + 6-chorus machines + 6-distortion units + 6-phase shifters + waw + etc. + etc It is very easy to produce anything from simple or complex solo sounds to the sounds of a huge band or orchestra. All major functions are controlled with foot switches and require no hands.

    Small, compact unit (like an effects box) with all electronic- type foot-controlled switching of major functions; good for live perform- ance. Produces stable effects for all styles of guitar playing which, up to now, were impossible: hammering, glissando, chopping, etc. Totally polyphonic: one VCO for each string. Instant and accurate transposing to two preset pitches. Duet switch for chorus effect. Polyphonic distortion for new clarity, even with chords.
    Type: Analog
    Synthesis: Subtractive
    Oscillators: 2
    Osc Modulation: Envelope, Glide / Portamento, Input, Knob, LFO
    Oscillator Notes:
    +Each of the 6 strings on a guitar controller can be controlled separately
    Envelopes: 1
    Evelope Paramerters: Attack
    Filters: 1
    Types: 24dB Slope (4-pole), Low Pass, Resonance
    Filter Modulation: Envelope, Knob, LFO, Pedal
    LFO: 1
    LFO Notes::
    +LFO is for vibrato effect
    Polyphony & Tuning
    Polyphony: 6
    Modes: Mono, Polyphonic
    Patches RAM: 1
    Case: Pedal
    Controls: Buttons, Knobs, Switches, Pedal - Control
    Display Type: LED
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 15.7 x 11.4 x 3.9 in.
    Audio Output Connections: 1/4" Phone Jack, Mono Out
    Audio Output Count: 2
    Control Features: +Roland Compatible Guitar Controller with divided HEX pickup required
    Power: 20 watts
    Year Released: 1980
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    Used Price: $699 - convert
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