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Roland MKS-80

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The MKS-80 is an 8 voice, 16 VCO polyphonic synthesizer module that can be played by MIDI music messages sent from the other MIDI device.

The MKS-80 has memory capacity that retains 64 different tone colors. By using the Memory Cartridge M-64C that retains up to 128 tone colors, total of 192 patch programs can be available. The MKS-80 features battery backup system that retains the data in memory even when switched off. Auto Tune function that allows all VCO's to be instantaneously tuned lust by pressing a button. Patch Preset is a program that can contain a tone color or even a pair of tone colors depending on the Key mode setting} and various mode and effect settings. The Detune function enables a powerful ensemble effect in Unison mode. The Octave Shift function allows shifting the pitch of the entire keyboard without changing the VCO range. Data in the M KS-BO's memory can be transferred to another M KS-BO or to a computer. The MKS-80's dynamics function can change the attack time as weil as the level. By the unique Envelope Reset function, each time you press a new key, the note will start from the beginning of the envelope curve. By using the optional Programmer MPG-80, synthesizing will become much easier.

The MKS-80 is a polyphonic synthesizer module that can be played by the MIDI music messages sent from the external device. If the MKS-80 is properly set up with a device transmitting MIDI music messages, it will be ready to be played by powered on. There are 64 tone colors [we call them Tone Memories l and 64 com- bination programs of a tone color {or a pair of tone colors} and various effect and mode settings (we call them Patch Presets} pre programmed in the MKS-80's memory which can be recalled to be used just by pressing buttons. Also, these Tone Memories and Patch Presets can be edited as you like, This editing operation, however, does not automatically rewrite the existing tune color. If you wish to write the edited tone color, appropriate writing operation is required.

The supplied Memory Cartridge M-64C can be effectively used to expand the memory capacity. The M-64C has two separate blocks A and B, and can retain 64 different Tone Memories and Patch Presets in each block. The cartridge memory can be used exactly like the internal memory of the MKS-80. You may consider it as a part of internal memory.


Technical Specifications
Type: Analog
Synthesis: Subtractive
Oscillators: 2
Waveforms: Pulse, Saw Down, Saw Up, Sine, Square, Triangle, White Noise
Envelopes: 2
Evelope Paramerters: Delay, Attack
Filters: 1
Types: 24dB Slope (4-pole), High Pass, Low Pass, Resonance
LFO: 1
LFO Parameters: Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, Triangle
Polyphony & Tuning
Polyphony: 8
Timbrality: 1
Tuning: Standard
Patches RAM: 64
Patches ROM: 64
Storage: Internal, RAM Cartridge, ROM Cartridge
Editing: DIN, MIDI
Case: Module
Rack Size: 19", 2U, Full
Controls: Buttons, Sliders
Display Type: LCD
Display Count H: 16
Dimensions (WxDxH): 16-7/8 x 15-34 x 3-1/2
Weight: 17 lbs.
Audio Output Connections: 1/4" Phone Jack, XLR, Stereo Main, Stereo 2, Stereo Headphone
Audio Output Count: 5
Year Released: 1984
Year Discontinued: 1987
Used By
Vangelis, Klaus Schulze, Hans Zimmer
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MSRP List Price: $2,495 - convert
Used Price: $1300-$3,000 - convert

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