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KETRON SD2 Orchestral Wizard

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The KETRON SD2 Orchestral Wizard is a pocket size sound module designed for all PC and Midi applications. Equipped with a new powerful sound engine, including a professional Stereo Grand Piano sound over 88 notes, huge Orchestral voices such as Saxophones, Brass, Woodwinds, Guitars, Accordions, Organ Digital Drawbars and many others, the SD2 has all the latest features for recording, programming and live performances. The quality of the Solo instrumental Voices (following the traditional KETRON Best Natural sound heritage) is a remarkable advantage of the SD2.

In addition, the SD2 includes very distinctive Audio Drum and Percussion Loops selected from Slow, Jazz, Latin, Acoustic, Traditional and Dance styles.

Ketron SD2Used in conjunction with a Computer, Master keyboard, Midi accordion or Midi guitar, the SD2 offers an “all-in-one” great sound resource that can be used to greatly enhance standard Midi fi les, as well as for Home and Studio compositions and recordings.

Its Midi capability allows for control of up to 32 Midi channels and DSP effects such as Reverb, Chorus, Delay and Distortion. A very useful (optional) USB to Midi cable also allows the SD2 to communicate fl uently with any laptop, which might normally not be equipped with a Midi Interface. Special configurations with the sound Map (Templates) are provided so the instrument can easily ‘work’ with the most commonly used sequencer programs such as Cubase®, Logic®, Cakewalk® as well as the complete SD2 Drum Loop Library. Templates and Loop Libraries
can be downloaded free of charge from Support & Downloads

Technical Specifications
Type: Digital
Synthesis: ROM
Oscillators: 1
Waveforms: ROM
ROM Resolution: 16 bit, 44.1 kHz
Oscillator Notes:
+ 384 GM Voices.
+ Stereo Grand Piano.
+ 128 Special Orchestral Presets.
+ Over 1000 Percussive sounds.
+ Digital Drawbars.
Polyphony & Tuning
Polyphony: 88
Timbrality: 2
Tuning: Standard
Modes: Polyphonic
Patches ROM: 384
Multi effect DSP: Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Rotor Slow/Fast.
150 Live Drums, featuring Acoustic, Jazz, Pop and Dance Loops.
Case: Desktop
Controls: Switches
Display Type: LED
Dimensions (WxDxH): 12 x 13 x 4 cms / 4.8 x 5.2x 1.6 inches
Weight: 0.6 Kg. / 1.32 lbs
Audio Output Connections: 1/8" Phone Jack, Stereo Main, Stereo Headphone
General MIDI: GS - General Standard
DAC Bits: 16
DAC Frequency Rate: 44.1
Power: 12V DC
Year Released: 2013

Product Links
Company Product Sites:
[+] www.ketronmusic.co.uk
MSRP List Price: £329 - convert
Retail Street Price: £229 - convert

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