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Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade Synthesizer

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Small enough to fit in your pocket and powered by a pair of AAA batteries, the Teenage Engineering PO-20 Pocket Operator Arcade Synthesizer features real synthesized arcade, drum, and chip-tune sounds with 16 punch-in effects including solo chords, filters, fill-ins, glitches, and arpeggios.

The synthesizer parameters can be locked, while a 16-step sequencer, which holds 16 patterns in memory, can be chained into a song with up to 128 patterns. An integrated clock and alarm clock expand the creative possibilities of the instrument. A jam-sync function with 3.5mm audio in and out connections allows for multiple synthesizer units to be linked together.

Using high-quality components with low-power consumption, the synthesizer is cleverly designed with a Silabs EFM 32 Gecko CPU, a Cirrus Logic DAC, and a Knowles speaker placed under a novel animated LCD on a single circuit board. A foldout stand makes it easier to play and rear panel speaker solder terminals allow you hook up the unit to a larger sound system. An optional tailor-made silicone pro case (sold separately) adds anti-slip feet, battery protection, and professional-feel buttons to this very unique music-making device.

Technical Specifications
Type: Digital
Oscillators: 1
Oscillator Notes:
1. bass
2. bass drum
3. snare drum
4. hi-hat
5. tom
6. blip
7. hardsync
8. noise fx
9. arpeggio
10. melodic arp
11. falling arp
12. octave arp
13. lead
14. vibrato
15. portamento
16. echo
Envelopes: 0
Filters: 0
LFO: 0
Polyphony & Tuning
Polyphony: 1
Timbrality: 1
Tuning: Standard
Patches RAM: 1
Storage: Internal
1. dm
2. em
3. Esus
4. E
5. F
6. G
7. C/G
8. E/G#
9. am
10. C/A
11. dm/A
12. D/A
13. A
14. B/A
15. C
16. D
1. solo chords
2. solo chords + lead
3. solo drums
4. solo drums + bass
5. lowpass slow sweep
6. lowpass fast sweep
7. highpass filter
8. highpass sweep
9. fill-in
10. fill-in (fast)
11. retrigger
12. retrigger (fast)
13. glitch
14. glitch (fast)
15. blinds
16. rising arpeggio
16-step sequencer
16 patterns
Chips and Operating System
Silabs EFM 32 Gecko CPU
Cirrus Logic DAC
Case: Desktop
Controls: Buttons, Knobs
Display Type: LCD
Dimensions (WxDxH): 4.8 x 2.5 x 0.7"
Weight: 0.15 lb
Audio Output Connections: 1/4" Phone Jack, Stereo Main
Power: 2x AAA batteries
Year Released: 2016
Manuals & Documents
MSRP List Price: $59 - convert

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