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Voice of Saturn Sequencer

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This is a 10 step analog sequencer, which basically steps through 10 different voltage levels that are set by the black knobs. The output control voltage and trigger signals are typically used to control pitch, filters, drum triggers and an endless number of other parameters on other synths.

The sequencer has two main outputs: the CV (control voltage) and gate output. The gate output can be thought of as the trigger or note-on message, and the CV as the pitch or general purpose control level. The knobs on each step adjust the CV level for that step, and the switches control whether the trigger signal makes it to the gate output.

You can shorten the sequence by connecting an 1/8" audio cable from a step's jack to the reset jack on top.

Important: The sequencer can be driven by an external clock by plugging into the "Clock Out" jack on top. However, you must first turn off the Clock switch to prevent the internal clock from fighting this external signal. If the Clock switch is on, you can tap into the clock signal through the "Clock Out" jack and use it to drive other equipment.

The best way to set each CV level is to turn the clock off, and toggle the hold switch to manually step through the sequence. The hold switch stops the sequence when the clock is on, too.


+ The 10 step sequence can be shortened by connecting a 1/8" male-male audio cable from a step jack to the main reset jack.

+ The internal clock can be bypassed so that an external clock can drive the VoS Sequencer. We're not entirely sure what types of clocks it's compatible with, however. The internal clock can also be output to drive another device.

+ Features both a Gate out and S-Trigger out for older Moogs.

+ Battery powered: you may want to add a fixed voltage supply to keep the CV levels from drifting as the battery dies, although we've found it to last a long time.

+ When the clock switch is off, the hold switch can be used to manually step through the sequence.

+ Note that the gate on this only triggers on phrase starts. In other words, consecutive "on" steps won't retrigger, only an "on" right after a "off" step.


+ 10 steps, sequence can be shortened by connecting 1/8" cable from step to reset jack

+ Voltage Out from 0 to ~7.5V

+ Gate out and S-Trigger out for older Moogs

+ Clock input / output to connect multiple sequencers ( for sync'ing, not extending sequence)

+ Hold Switch pauses sequence, manually steps when clock is off

+ 9V Battery or Power Supply (AC or DC 12V)

+ EKit and Fully Assembled come with Power Supply and Jack

With an external clock input you can slave the VoS sequencer to nearly anything and using the reset input you can change sequence length to be from 1-10 steps.

Technical Specifications
Type: Analog
Oscillators: 0
Osc Modulation: Sequencer
Polyphony & Tuning
Polyphony: 1
Tuning: Standard
Modes: Mono
+ 10 Steps
+ Voltage 0 to ~7.5V
+ Gate out
+ S-Trigger out for older Moogs
+ Clock input
+ Clock output
+ Hold switch
+ Manual step (clock off)
Case: Desktop
Controls: Knobs, Sliders, Modulation 1/8" Jacks, Pedal - Filter
Display Type: LED
Audio Output Connections: 1/8" Phone Jack, Mono Out
CV Ports: CV OUT, Trigger Out
Year Released: 2008
Design Notes:

Design by Travis Thatcher

The Voice of Saturn Sequencer came soon after the VoS Synthesizer and was an expanded take on the Baby 10 sequencer utilizing a cd4017 decade counter at its core. I wanted something that could sequence my Realistic (Moog) MG1 among other things so it was important to add an S-Trig output as well as the more common gate/trigger.

It's based on a decade counter chip (CD4017) driven by a 555 timer (clock), although it can also use an external clock signal. The sequence can be shortened by connecting an eigth-inch audio cable from the reset jack on top to one of the step's jacks. It features both a gate output and a S-trigger output for Moog synths.
Manuals & Documents
MSRP List Price: $249.99 assembled - convert
Retail Street Price: $144.99 kit - convert
Used Price: $200 - convert
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